15th KeY Symposium 2016
Manigod, 25th July - 28th July

Last Update: 2016-08-02 11:48 AM

The 2016 KeY symposium takes place in its 15th iteration. The KeY System is a formal software development tool integrating design, implementation, formal specification, and formal verification of object-oriented software. At the core of the system is a theorem prover for the first-order Dynamic Logic of the respective target language, in particular Java, with a user-friendly graphical interface.

The KeY Symposium brings together researchers interested in KeY and related aspects. We will exchange recent achievements, current ideas, discuss the next steps and milestones of the area, as well as future directions in general. Also the latest developments in the KeY tool are presented and discussed.


As already during the 11th Symposium in 2012, the KeY Symposium takes place at Chalet Giersch located in the French alps.


Chalet l'Eridan
84 Chemin du Plan du Mont
F - 74230 MANIGOD


Program of the Symposium, also including slides submitted for download.

Organisation Committee

Dominic Scheurer
(to be continued)

More Information

The weather even in Manigod can be quite good in July. Since the Chalet offers a pool, you should consider bringing swimming clothes.

All participants who will sleep in the chalet should bring towels (also for pool / sauna). Bed linen is already there.

Information about further hotels in town can be obtained here.

Traveling by Plane

New! The nearest international airport is Geneva. From there, it is a bit difficult to get to Manigod. The best public transport option is to take a bus to Annecy (1:29) and from there to Thones (0:36). The buses leave approx. once an hour. You can inspect the schedules at altibus.com. From Thones, it is only a short ride (approx. 9 min) to Manigod (you can either call a taxi or contact Dominic in advance).

The easiest way would be to rent a car at the airport or to join a group which already rented one. Please contact Dominic if you want to check this option.

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