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Institute for Theoretical Computer Science
Research Group Prof. Dr. P. H. Schmitt





Lectures (in German only)

greenbal.gif (204 Byte) Formaler Entwurf und Verifikation von Programmen
lecture notes (ps-file), transparencies 2007, Buchkapitel
Version: summer 2007
greenbal.gif (204 Byte) Formale Systeme (Formal Systems)
pdf-file, compressed pdf-file, transparencies
Version: winter 2005/2006
greenbal.gif (204 Byte) Nichtklassische Logiken (Non-classical Logics)
ps-file, compressed ps-file, transparencies (postscript), transparencies (pdf)
Version: summer 2004
greenbal.gif (204 Byte) Informatik III (Computer Science III)
ps-file, compressed ps-file, transparencies
Introductory lecture for third semester students
Version: winter 1997/98
greenbal.gif (204 Byte) Sprachen und Automaten (Languages and Automata)
ps-file, compressed ps-file, transparencies
Version: winter 1994/95
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