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Visual Reasoning
Organiser Committee:
Gerard Allwein (
Joachim Posegga (Posegga@FZ.Telekom.DE)
Peter H. Schmitt (

The idea behind the workshop is to help making automated reasoning more widely accepted and applicable. Visualization can help achieving this. To obtain the best results researchers in the field of automated reasoning should actively participate in the development of the required tools and techniques. The workshop will be a forum to bring together the scattered attempts that have been pursuit along these lines in a number of locations. The application ofvisualization in the context of formal reasoning certainly covers a broader audience, so we encourage also participants to other parts of the Federated Logic Conferences to enroll.
The workshop addresses all issues involved with applying visiualization in the context of formal reasoning, specification, or verification. Such topics include, but are not limited to:

- - Visualization of logical inferences
- - Visual presentations of proofs
- - State-charts and event-trace-diagrams
- - Reasoning with diagrams
- - Visualization of specifications
- - Graphical approaches to derive specifications
- - Visual logic programming languages
- - Animation of transition systems